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Established in 1999, Amblique has the benefit of experience. Our team of digital commerce professionals have delivered global solutions for top tier clients all around APAC. Our clients are offered exclusive services and work with our unparalleled in house expertise.
Consistently outperforming market growth rates by 3X,
Amblique Clients SELL MORE.

jason byrne


Jason is an entrepreneur who was an Amblique client before becoming a shareholder and joint MD. Jason’s first taste of ecommerce came in his next venture where he engaged Amblique to create an online order management system to manage and supply staff clothing to some of Australia’s largest industrial companies. He was so impressed with the Amblique team and their capabilities, that he bought into the company and is now responsible for ensuring that Amblique grows and thrives in a sustainable way.


stephanie byrne


Stephanie is a client-focused leader with 10 years experience within the eCommerce industry. Having successfully grown the client services team to encompass account management, ongoing development, search services and Growth & Optimisation, she is able to ensure that all team members have a holistic view of the clients’ eCommerce goals. Stephanie is highly experienced at motivating her team to work closely with clients to devise and implement strategies that help them sell more.


john bouantoun


John is a technologist who excels at “making it work” for the business and has passion for getting the most out of his team. John lives and breathes eCommerce, both from a strategic and technical delivery perspective and enjoys seeing the uplifting impact of his team’s delivery on his clients’ bottom lines. His specialties include omnichannel eCommerce operations and strategy, performance team leading in geographically distributed scenarios, cross media technologies, end-to-end systems engineering and all-round commercial delivery.


lisa powell


Lisa has over 19 years’ eCommerce experience ranging from developing and managing the Sydney 2000 Olympics websites, launching 3 Mobile online, through to Interactive TV, B2B, Telco, Start Ups and Fashion Retailing. Lisa has setup eCommerce operations for several businesses including the Apparel Group where she developed the multichannel strategy for the overall business as well as their digital strategy. Lisa comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience and is now working with Amblique to help their customers make the most of their online presence.




Shirley’s expertise has grown from a passion and curiosity to achieve the best outcomes for clients by ensuring that retailers are getting the most out of their implementation and ahead of the curve by implementing digital commerce best practice. Her experience with brands across both the Amblique & Salesforce client bases means that we are able to consistently leverage learnings and apply them to achieve the best business growth and customer experiences.


90+ Specialists

Based in Australia, Hong Kong & Vietnam

Our team live and breathe digital commerce and specialise in strategy, design, user experience, solution architecture, development, quality assurance, project management, digital marketing, growth & optimisation and project management just to name a few. We execute with discipline and work to understand your business intricately so you can SELL MORE.

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We’re based in Sydney’s bustling Surry Hills, surrounded by cafes, bars and hipsters. We value hard work, positive energy and big ideas. Our staff execute with discipline and aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

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