Top Tips For Creating a Compelling Digital Commerce Offering: Part One

Amblique has been creating award-winning websites for 18 years. We’ve learnt a lot during this time and have compiled our ‘Top 4’ tips on how to provide your customers with the best possible digital commerce offering, and help you sell more.

1. Replicate the in-store experience
When customers enter a physical store, they can browse items and select the perfect product to suit their needs based on sight, touch and feel. They have the option to try items on for size and fit, hold products in their hands for weight and texture. They can veto whatever they don’t like on the spot using all their senses and can engage store staff to answer any questions they may have. Replicating as much of this experience as possible within your digital commerce offering is key to driving sales and increasing conversion.

A traditionally high-touch product such as jewellery definitely needs to offer the customer a ‘close to store’ experience. Michael Hill Jewellers were conscious of this when designing their online offering and, as a result, implemented features to match the in-store experience. One such feature is ‘The Size Guide’, an interactive sizing chart that allows the customer to see to-scale versions of chains, rings, carat weights and earrings on a model.

Using product video is a great way to show a product from all angles. For example, the drop of the fabric and close ups of specific features convey texture. This is becoming a must-have, with the average conversion rate for websites with video on their product detail page reported to be 4.8%. Michael Hill Jewellers also use video to highlight the beauty of their diamonds and ring designs and from time to time they also use shoppable video. Three months after the implementing video on the site, Michael Hill had experienced an 85% increase in site visits and a 220% increase in conversion.

With stores like Mecca Cosmetica and brands like Dr LeWinn’s offering ‘tester’ products in store, it makes sense to extend this offering to their online customers. Cosmetic retailers are able to recreate the in-store ‘try before you buy’ experience online by sending samples with customers’ orders. With Australia Post finding 68% of Australians are more likely to purchase a product if they have tried it first, sampling online can help entice customers with new products. As L2 states in their Beauty Sampling Insight Report, providing samples can also help encourage brand loyalty.

Another in-store experience you can bring online is the all-important second opinion. 77% of online shoppers read reviews for the product they intend to buy and 90% of them make a decision based on what they read. Asking a friend for their opinion is a common way customers decide on whether or not they’ll make that in-store purchase. Ratings, reviews and social media sharing enable shoppers to have this same experience online. Having the option to share products via Instagram or Facebook allows your customer to ask for the opinions of their friends and family while browsing your product range.

68% of Australians are more likely to purchase a product if they have tried it first, sampling online can help entice customers with new products.

The use of predictive intelligence can also assist in presenting the right item for a shopper at the right time. In the same way a shop assistant can up-sell and give opinions at the counter, predictive intelligence can suggest products based on users’ buying and browsing behaviour, which can increase their propensity to buy. The introduction of the predictive intelligence system Einstein in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Commerce Cloud) platform that Amblique utilise has seen uplifts in conversion of 7% in overall revenue per visitor and the newly released predictive email component has delivered 10-20% more revenue per email recipient.

Finally, using Live Chat allows you to offer the customer the opportunity to ask a virtual retail assistant any question they have about the products that are on offer.

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