Creating a Seamless Omnichannel Experience: Part Three – Sportscraft

Sportscraft is an Australian heritage brand with a rich 103 year history. The brand’s continued growth and success can be attributed to its  focus and dedication to  delivering on the needs of our large community of loyal customers, paired with our agile attitude towards retail and technology.

By: Justine Thomas, Online Manager @ Sportscraft

While Sportscraft has always had a strong physical store presence, we recognised very early on the customer support and growth potential a seamless digital  experience offered both the brand and our customers .

As our customers switch from one channel to another and adopt new ways of shopping, we have endeavoured to do the same.  After launching our initial website in 2009 we re-platformed in 2012 to a cloud based technology that would allow the business to focus on innovation and agility. This strategic move enabled us to focus on creating a superior online offering by utilising streamlined integrations and  develop a responsive experience across multiple devices, enabling us to connect seamlessly with our customers, cross-channel.

With shared inventory, our online customers have quick and easy access to our entire range of stock no matter where it is physically located  and best of breed integrations allow automatic, multi-channel shipments where multiple dispatches occur between our warehouse and physical stores.

This real-time  integration also allows us to list our products on marketplaces such as The Iconic and eBay, or anywhere else our customers choose to shop.  

Since identifying that our customers generally shop across both online and instore, Click and Collect allowed us to capitalise on this behaviour , allowing our customers to decide how and when they would like to receive their order.

Our omnichannel, loyalty programme rewards members with VIP pricing on login, seasonal discounts and other exclusive in-store and online benefits. Additionally, our newly enhanced customer portal displays a full cross-channel purchase history, online wish-list and customer care history.

Our customer feedback initiatives also work across, and influence the direction of, our omnichannel operations. Sportscraft welcomes and encourages feedback from customers at all points of the customer journey; through post-purchase surveys, on-site feedback, product reviews  and anecdotally through our customer care team and store staff. These customer insights  feed into our development strategies, helping us prioritise and understand where we can improve our customer experience. We use on site A/B testing and live focus groups to ensure our initiatives are user friendly, and that we have done our best by our customers. Guessing what our customers want is unnecessary when they are forthcoming with their opinions, well informed, insightfully engaged and have an open channel of communication with us.

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