Creating a Seamless Omnichannel Experience: Part Two – Rodd & Gunn

The Rodd & Gunn heritage dates back to 1946, when the brand’s first trademark logo, the English Pointer, was used on a boutique line of New Zealand made shirts.

By: Sasha Murrie, International Online Sales Manager @ Rodd & Gunn 

True omnichannel execution is now more and more in the hands of operational staff and success lies in the business’ ability to truly focus on its customers; in particular how they tie product, customer service, logistics and digital together for a single unified experience for customers across the entire lifecycle of their interaction.

It has become increasingly important for brands to differentiate themselves through best of breed experiences that flow across all channels. There has recently been a shift to providing technology driven experiences that tie together digital and physical channels to offer a seamless, frictionless customer journey. This omnichannel consistency, or one retail view, is a focus of many of Amblique’s clients. We spoke to our clients and asked them what omnichannel means to them and what they are doing to try to achieve a seamless omnichannel experience for their customers.

In its current form, the brand was established in 1987 when the first standalone store opened in Auckland’s Queen Street. Since launching our digital operations in 2007 our goal has been to provide our customers with the most outstanding products and service available wherever, whenever and however they choose to shop with us.

In the modern retail landscape, omnichannel optimisation has been at the forefront of our overall business direction and strategically aligned with our global expansion plans. From an eCommerce perspective it was necessary to implement a single, global platform to offer us one customer view; allowing us to tailor and personalise the Rodd & Gunn online experience. As a lifestyle brand, this was imperative to ensure unimpeded growth well into the future and also provide localised marketing and curated content quickly and easily.

The online experience shapes the offline business and vice versa, so we are refining our customer offerings, with best of breed technology at its base, to create a more streamlined and user friendly experience, no matter what channel our customers choose to engage with us. In line with this, we have implemented personalisation allowing customers to put their own stamp on their favourite signature polos. ‘Things Just Got Personal’, was launched in June 2017 and offers customers the chance to design, preview and order professional monograming on our iconic polos.

In a more experiential move, we have also opened a landmark bar , called The Lodge Bar in Queenstown, New Zealand tucked away on the shores of Lake Wakatipu

The menu designed by Michelin starred chef Matt Lambert and Cameron Douglas, New Zealand’s only Master Sommelier allows you to eat, drink and shop in one location producing a “halo effect” for Rodd & Gunn elevating the brand experience and taking the shopping experience to a new level.

The end goal of our efforts is to provide the customer with an unrivalled experience that will keep them returning time after time, not just for the product, but for the service and memories that come along with that purchase. Our mantra is to provide a rich and seamless experience; whether it be relaxing by the fire at The Lodge Bar in Queenstown, being styled in our Brooklyn Lodge or personalising a signature polo online.

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