Top Tips For Creating a Compelling Digital Commerce Offering: Part Three

Amblique has been creating award-winning websites for 18 years. We’ve learnt a lot during this time and have compiled our ‘Top 4’ tips on how to provide your customers with the best possible digital commerce offering, and help you sell more.

  1. Approaching Innovation

Taking the hassle out of online shopping is so important when it comes to creating a website customers want to keep coming back to. Sticking with standard eCommerce usability can make things easier for customers by providing them with an experience to which they are accustomed, one where everything is where they expect it to be and transacting is intuitive. Innovation is important but it’s always best to test the concept to make sure it is usable and understood by your customer.

Selecting an eCommerce platform like Commerce Cloud offers you ongoing innovation, innovation driven in part by the platform’s community along with global trends that the company understands will increase sales. True cloud technology eliminates the barriers to innovation that are common with legacy commerce solutions, empowering you to keep pace with today’s dynamic market and evolving customer expectations.

Cloud platforms offer seamless upgrades up to eight times per year that deliver new features and enhancements without disrupting your day-to-day commerce operations. In recent years these upgrades delivered to our customers functions like predictive intelligence, Apple Pay, search and merchandising enhancements and more. If innovation is important to you select your partners and technology wisely.

Focusing on bringing the in-store experience online, UGC, mobile first and innovation will not only help you create an engaging website it will also help bring new customers to your brand.

Google’s ranking factors are constantly changing and there is an increasing focus on content, uniqueness, relevance, device friendliness and social sharing. So following the tips above will not only enable you to deliver a compelling digital commerce experience for your customer, it will also help you Sell More.

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