McPherson’s is a dynamic consumer products business, marketing and distributing a wide range of health and beauty products throughout Asia Pacific, the UK/Europe and North America. We recently went live with a four site digital commerce offering for of our brands Dr. LeWinn’s, A’kin, Manicare and Lady Jayne. Our sites further build on our mission to provide consumers with superior and comprehensive ranges of products that they need in their everyday lives, direct to the consumer.


The ability to browse across brands and add items to a shared cart enables the customer to shop across the McPherson’s ranges with simplicity and ease.

Customised landing pages for each brand allows for complete brand immersion and gives customers the ability to shop across categories and sub-categories.

A shared cart across brands means that the customer can check out in one easy step and have all products delivered directly to their door.


McPherson’s pride themselves on giving their customers the greatest possible experience from the home page right through to the package reaching their door and customer care beyond purchase. Once they’ve found their perfect items across any of the four brands, they have many options to receive them.

McPherson’s products are shipped via Australia Post which allows customers to collect their parcel at the post office if they happen to be absent when the parcel arrives. With trackable packages from the warehouse to your door, they ensure their customers have peace of mind and transparency. As a bonus incentive they offer the enticing offer of free shipping on all orders over $80.

If what you receive isn’t quite right or you simply have second thoughts and have kept the product in its original packaged condition, they happily accept returns within 30 days. Refunds are processed swiftly in between 2 and 5 business days.


Nothing beats the knowledge of a beauty professional who can tailor a routine just for you. For every cleanser, there’s a toner serum and moisturiser that completes the perfect skincare routine. As McPherson’s digital commerce provider, we knew it was key to have this highlighted on the PDP to enrich the customer experience for the customer but also to increase our average order value. Under the main product details, we have added an enhanced version of the traditional ‘Up-Sell’ model – ‘Build Your Routine.’ With Build Your Routine, we take the product the customer is viewing and reveal two complementary products to personalise our customer’s shopping experience

The customer can easily and instantly add these products to their cart as a bundle. To make the experience as flexible as possible, the customer also has the option to add only one of the suggested products to their cart depending on their needs.

Additionally, McPherson’s customers can sign up to digital newsletters for all four brands. These newsletters make sure that their loyal subscribers are the first to hear about exclusive offers, latest products and exclusive beauty tips.


As previously mentioned, we enhanced the traditional ‘Up-Sell’ model by recommending products a customer would most likely use as part of their beauty routine. The McPherson’s consumers like to be presented with options that are relevant to them and their particular needs (be it for any of the four brands). Our Build Your Routine component makes for a more personalised online shopping experience and one which McPherson’s have found resonates with users.

In addition, we have various enhancements in the pipeline that are designed to replicate the in-store experience for customers and enhance their overall experience with our brands. McPherson’s aim has always been to provide an unrivaled product with service to match and these initiatives will help them reach these goals.


As a wholesaler, McPherson’s products are usually stocked in department, health and beauty stores, where the customer is faced with all their brands on a shelf and can add multiple items to their cart, ranging from Lady Jayne hair clips to an A’kin shampoo. We are replicating the same experience online with having a shared cart amongst our brands. Their customers can add an item on the Dr Lewinn’s site and tab to another brand, add another product and checkout in one process with items from multiple brands. This allows the customer to shop easily, reduce shipping costs and in turn creates more revenue for us.

As McPherson’s partner, we developed one Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Demandware) site per region (for Australia and New Zealand) and created a flexible and stable implementation within. This allowed each McPherson’s brand to have the freedom to design their content and overall styling, making it entirely their own while staying cohesive with the wider company. The sites each apply the overall brand look and feel, both efficiently and dynamically based on the customer’s session information. This reduced the amount of content management required contributed to a quick site build, which lasted a total of 9 weeks for all four sites.


Personalisation was a key push for McPherson’s digital commerce strategy. This is why our Skin Care Selector was developed. Our Skin Care Selector allows the customers to tell McPherson’s their main skin concern, skin type and preferred cleanser.

With this information, they are able to suggest a routine that is specific to the consumers individual needs. Giving the McPherson’s customer personal, relevant product recommendations based on their very unique skin needs, and providing a well rounded experience to match that of in-store.



The McPherson’s excellent customer service team is available during business hours with minimal wait time. Email response times are generally kept within a business day and they aim to limit the customer wait time as to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. In addition, all representatives are based in Australia to create an easy and efficient path to resolution.


With a specialised team in their e-commerce call centre, we strive to provide the best training and product knowledge to empower them to best serve our customers. Whether they’re fielding questions about when an item will arrive, the latest product on the market, or resolving issues, they always put the customer first. Giving the McPherson’s customer a personalised and hassle free experience is something they see as paramount to grow their brand.


With training in conflict resolution and a great understanding of all of their products and everything McPherson’s stands for, their team are able to resolve any issues they come across or questions they are asked in a quick, friendly and efficient manner.


With Amblique being a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud re-seller, we had the ability to fully utilise the platform for us and provide McPherson’s with tailored advice through Growth and Optimisation services. A brand new site can be created by leveraging from the Manicare site, something that greatly appealed to McPherson’s as a company with multiple brands across Australia and New Zealand.

All that is needed for a new brand roll out are for dynamic colours and images to be carefully selected for each brand and their aesthetic to be chosen. The ease of new site creation adds to the exciting feature of a shared cart across each brand and enables McPherson’s to grow across the marketplace with a quick turnaround period of approximately 3 weeks.










Our first direct to consumer offering allows us to express the individuality of each brand while allowing our customers to shop across multiple brands and purchase in one quick and easy step.



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